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Our vision is to take a personal approach and treat each event as a blank canvas.  Our inspired food, friendly and knowledgeable staff and attention to detail, combine to create exceptional and memorable events for you and your guests.


About Amy

My interest in food didn’t really start until university and although I had always loved baking, I was no child Masterchef.  At uni I discovered farmers markets, Annabel Langbein and the challenge (which I loved) of creating delicious and relatively healthy meals with small student budgets.  As a people pleaser though, nothing bought me more pleasure than making others feel special through my food.

‘It may look like I am deep in thought, but 99% of the time I’m just thinking about what I am going to eat later.’ 

I started my working career in the corporate world but soon started doing some catering on the side.  I loved the creative and practical nature of cooking and putting together food and when, Le Cordon Bleu opened a campus in Wellington, I decided to enrol and see if I could begin to make a career out of my love for food.  Over the last few years I have been working as a chef on super yachts, where I had endless opportunities to experiment, cook with some pretty cool ingredients and draw inspiration from local markets, family run restaurants and other amazing chefs.  I have recently returned home to realise my dream of starting my own food business.

My food philosophy is simple.  I like to create food that is fresh, vibrant, colourful and relatively uncomplicated from local and seasonal ingredients.  I believe that butter and cream have a place in cooking and a sweet treat now and again is fine but I steer clear of processed foods and for the most part my food is very healthy.  




A Seafood Lovers 60th

When seafood enthusiast Mikie turned 60 his friends threw him a motorcycle themed party.  I was living in the little seaside town of Falmouth, in the UK and was lucky enough to have access to some of Cornwall’s best and freshest seafood.  Keeping the flavours simple and letting the ingredients shine, I created a vibrant and flavoursome feast of cured sea trout, cod sliders, freshly shucked oysters, scallops, prawns and a beef fillet for the parties meat eating guests.






Having recently given up gluten, dairy and refined sugars for health reasons, when the self confessed, sweet loving Smiths, spent a week on a super yacht they couldn't believe that they could still enjoy treats free from all of the above.  Some of their favourites while cruising around the Mediterranean included breakfast pots made with chia seeds, fresh fruit and dairy free milks, a raspberry and chocolate crackle slice and a pancake stack with homemade lemon curd.  



More stories coming soon..


Your Event

Blank Canvas is a boutique catering company specialising in smaller events of up to 150 people.  We believe that inspired and innovative food, friendly service and an uncompromising attention to detail are the ingredients that make an event successful and special.  

As our name suggests, we treat every event as a blank canvas and work with the host, to plan a unique and exceptional experience for them and their guests.  

You will have noticed that we do not have any menus on our website.  This is because our menus are constantly evolving and change with the seasons.  Please contact us to discuss your event, request menus or just for a chat.   


P: 021 501 648


A: 373 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui, 3116

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